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Novachain External Exchange | T-Rex New Features & Rex 2.0 Profits

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There is so much to talk about when it comes to NovaChain. In this video we find out that nova tokens will be listed on a major crypto exchange, massive Rex2.0 daily profit update and last but certainly not least i clearly explain all the new features T-Rex is implementing such as trailing profit, take profit and the daily profit target!

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What is NovaChain ?
NOVACHAIN is an investment platform, offering an spread and arbitrage bot called REX. The team has used the bot in the last 6 years successfully for forex trading and decided to adapt it for the crypto market under the name REX.

What is Rex ?
REX is a spread and arbitrage bot, designed to find opportunities on different crypto exchanges and act on them based on a preset algorithm. The profit obtained this way it is divided daily between the investors, generating a passive income.

What is T-Rex ?
T-Rex is a very sophisticated trading bot you can connect through your Binance API keys. This unique trading bot has a sophisticated algorithm that trades at high frequency this type of algo was only made available to financial institutions up until now!

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What is Trade.io ?
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Disclaimer: NOTHING in this video is financial advice. This is what i am doing,this is NOT a recommendation to buy,hold or sell. I invest into crypto currencies because i love it and i truly believe its a technology that will shape and the world forever! I repeat i am NOT a financial adviser but simply a crypto fanatic PLEASE D.Y.O.R when investing into any crypto currencies, THANK YOU 🙂 #novachain #tradingbot #thecryptolifestyle


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