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Nash Decentralized Exchange Review | Here’s Why You Should Care !

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Most folks are waiting or the next bull run to save us but I’m looking for a real DEX to save us from centralized exchanges the likes of Binance Bittrex and Kucoin , In this video I breakdown NASH formerly known as NEX exchange which is a completely decentralized crypto currency exchange and a registered security on the NEO blockchain that will be launching on march 31st! well why should you care ? You need to watch the review to find out!

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What is NASH ?
Centralized exchanges sacrifice security to achieve performance. They have custody of your funds while remaining vulnerable to hacks or insolvency. When you use these systems, you are entrusting them with your assets.
With Nash, you control your funds at all times. Your private keys don’t come near our servers – they are encrypted on your computer. Our off-chain matching engine is itself a distributed system, adding extra protection for your peace of mind.

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Disclaimer: NOTHING in this video is financial advice. This is what i am doing,this is NOT a recommendation to buy,hold or sell. I invest into crypto currencies because i love it and i truly believe its a technology that will shape and the world forever! I repeat i am NOT a financial adviser but simply a crypto fanatic PLEASE D.Y.O.R when investing into any crypto currencies, THANK YOU 🙂 #NASH #DEX #DECENTRALIZED


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